Clinical Investigation


The ACTIVE-study, Advanced Cartilage Treatment with Injectable hydrogel Validation of the Effect, is currently taking place at selected medical centers in the Netherlands. The focus of the trial is to evaluate the safety and performance of our new CartRevive™ hydrogel implant for the repair of cartilage defects in the knee. 

The trial is led by dr. R.J.H. Custers, orthopedic surgeon, department of orthopedics of the University Medical Center Utrecht as the Principal Investigator. 

This investigative trial is intended for people between 18 and 50 years of age at the time of surgery, who experienced a relatively recent accident resulting in cartilage trauma. The size of the lesions that will be treated is limited to 0,5 – 2 cm2 in size. Participating subjects will be required to comply with all aspects of the treatment, including MRI, after-care rehabilitation and evaluation schedule over a 12-month duration. 

Participation in the ACTIVE study is no longer possible.