Hy2Care® strives to enable a world with free and painless mobility for all

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Hy2Care® is a ‘spin-off company’ of the Tech Med Centre of the University of Twente, the Netherlands and was founded in 2014. Of the original founders, prof. Marcel Karperien and dr. Sanne Both continue to be involved. 

The unique technology of Hy2Care® was developed by prof. Marcel Karperien and his team of the Developmental BioEngineering group at the University of Twente. The hydrogel technology platform is protected through several patents. Hy2Care’s launching product, the CartRevive® hydrogel implant for Cartilage Repair in the knee, is the first application now being investigated in a group of patients through the "ACTIVE" study. Future additional applications are in early-stage R&D phase.

In 2019 Hy2Care® received €3.7M Series A funding. It’s current CEO Leo Smit joined, and an additional team expansion was initiated, bringing in also Sanna Severins as Chief Operations Officer and co-director of the company. The goal of the Series A period is to scale up the technology and initiate human trials. Also, a separate product and venture for veterinary applications is under development. In 2022 this investment was complemented with €2.5M additional equity, as well as €2.5M grant from the Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator program.

The company continues to use laboratory facilities in Enschede (NL) at the site of the Twente University of Technology, as well as a laboratory and offices at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen.


Hy2Care® strives to enable a world with free and painless mobility for all.


Hy2Care® aims to be a leading cartilage repair company, creating solutions with its unique and proprietary hydrogel platform, based on joint tissue mimicking polymers, that allows the body to heal itself.

Quality statement

Hy2Care is committed to its Vision and Mission by striving for a world of free and painless mobility for all, bringing to market products allowing the body to heal itself. Safety and quality of our products is our top priority, satisfying patient needs and increasing their quality of life. We ensure all our products are compliant with applicable national and international regulations. 

To support this, Hy2Care implemented a Quality Management System meeting the requirements according to ISO 13485:2016, which is continuously monitored and improved.

Certified from 14 December 2023, and valid until 09 February 2026.
ISO 13485 certificate


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